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Think Big Partners and Angel Capital Group Partner for Nationwide...

Kansas City, MO (Vocus/PRWEB) January 20, 2011

Last Wednesday, Think Big Partners announced its new partnership with nationwide angel capital organization, Angel Capital Group (ACG), and their plans to provide capital-raising opportunities and vital startup resources to entrepreneurs throughout the nation.

Angel Capital Group, originating in Nashville, Tennessee with five current locations nationwide, is an angel network of investors that links together its networks so that entrepreneurial resources, such as startup and seed capital, can be effectively utilized to best aid entrepreneurs. In addition, ACG provides education and support to various communities in order to establish even more angel investor networks.

Think Big Partners is a mentorship-based business incubator and startup accelerator that opened in the Crossroads District of downtown Kansas City in September of 2010. Also known as TBP, this company provides startup resources, a wide variety of entrepreneurial services, a downtown business incubator, and a hands-on staff of seasoned entrepreneurs. These qualities have Rachael Qualls, founder of Angel Capital Group, believing that the partnership is a match made in, well…heaven.

“ACG has learned that once you fund a company, that company needs help,” she said. “They need to be connected with other entrepreneurs; they need resources. That’s why we’re so excited to work with Think Big Partners, because they provide all of the services that we don’t, which makes for a great partnership.”

By combining ACG’s funding platform with Think Big Partners’ national conference for entrepreneurs, investors and startups, this partnership can effectively help entrepreneurs locate capital, assist investors with finding more businesses worth funding, and place more ideas in the right home anywhere in the country. This is the first collaboration of its kind, all in the name of building startups, serving entrepreneurs, and strengthening entrepreneurial communities.

“We’ve listened to small business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors from Kansas City and across the country and almost without exception, they have voiced their concerns about the difficulty in attracting startup capital,” said Tyler Prochnow, co-founder of Think Big Partners. “We are excited to be able to bring another important resource to early stage businesses. This seed capital, combined with the other vital services provided by Think Big Partners, will provide a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.”

Think Big Partners and Angel Capital Group hope for at least fifteen TBP-ACG locations to develop within the year. ACG’s current locations include Nashville, Tennessee; Knoxville, Tennessee; Memphis, Tennessee; Jackson, Mississippi and they are looking to open more locations in Louisiana and Kentucky in addition to Kansas City.

Think Big Partners’ collaboration with Angel Capital Group is not the first of its efforts to expand nationally. In addition to this partnership, TBP has also announced Think Big Baltimore, which follows a similar agenda of the highly-anticipated May 24th event, Think Big Kansas City. Think Big Partners is continuing to expand this conference to more cities throughout the nation through local partnerships in order to establish more entrepreneurial communities and provide more resources, better services, and accessible funding. Think Big Partners is inviting other organizations to partner with them in order to build a strong nationwide, entrepreneurial network.

“We are here to change the world,” said Qualls of the partnership with Think Big Partners. “It’s about bringing together all of these people, all of these communities, and all of these entrepreneurs and connecting them.”

To learn more about the partnership between Think Big Partners and Angel Capital Group or to get involved, please contact Herb Sih at herb(at)thinkbigpartners(dot)com. The creation of a strong entrepreneur network starts with partnerships from every corner, so please call 816-842-5244 for more information about getting involved with Think Big Partners.

For further information about Think Big Baltimore, please contact Tighe Greenhalgh at mtgreenhalgh(at)gmail(dot)com or 866-THNK-BIG.

Think Big Partners is an early-stage business incubator, startup accelerator and mentorship-based collaborative workspace for entrepreneurs, innovators, founders, and visionaries located in downtown Kansas City.


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