Thursday, January 27, 2011

ReachForce and Televerde Create Partnership to Clean, Grow and Enrich...

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) January 20, 2011

Televerde, a leading B2B outsourced demand creation agency, and premiere CRM Data Services provider ReachForce, have announced a partnership that will add database cleansing, growth and enrichment services to Televerde’s portfolio of dialogue, digital and data solutions, and will enhance the accuracy and recency of ReachForce’s database of millions of rich contact records. The partnership creates a win-win-win scenario for Televerde, ReachForce and clients of both organizations.

Under the agreement, Televerde will OEM and resell the combined services of ReachForce’s cloud-based marketing contact data management platform through Televerde’s Exactus™ line of data products and services which enables marketers to embed highly accurate data into their demand creation and nurture programs. ReachForce will leverage Televerde’s vast dialogue-based marketing resources to validate its data to ensure recency, completeness and accuracy for data ReachForce licenses to clients.

The mutually beneficial partnership creates a massive segmented database of millions of highly accurate, current and enriched B2B contacts across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC that allow marketers to sharpen their focus in order to pinpoint more prospects, identify better qualified opportunities, accelerate revenue growth, and increase demand creation program ROI.

“We have always recognized the critical role of accurate data in demand creation programs,” says James H. Hooker, Televerde’s President and CEO. “Data impacts all stages of the sales pipeline, with the biggest impact at the early ‘top of the funnel’ stages of demand discovery and lead generation. The data must be pristine at this stage in order to achieve the ultimate downstream objectives of top-line revenue growth and maximum marketing ROI. Televerde’s strategic partnership with ReachForce creates opportunities for all marketers to develop, integrate and execute data-driven demand creation programs that are optimized with an expansive array of accurate, recent and complete contacts records and that are designed specifically to meet measurable revenue objectives. We are thrilled to be able to go to market with this ‘Televerde powered by ReachForce’ data solution.”

"Partnering with Televerde allows marketers to have a one-stop shop where they can go to execute full lifecycle marketing campaigns that drive revenue," said Bob Riazzi, CEO of ReachForce. "Companies work with Televerde when high growth demand creation and accelerating revenue are strategic priorities. They have proven themselves to be masters of demand generation through their experience in producing qualified leads that cost only a fraction of the revenue they produce as a result. Adding ReachForce’s contact data cleaning and enrichment services inside Televerde’s marketing cycle and adding Televerde’s contact validation services into ReachForce’s data remediation process is a unique one-two punch. It’s an exciting relationship and will continue to prove to be very valuable to our marketing customers.

With the data enrichment programs well underway, both companies say additional joint development opportunities are being designed that will enable a tighter interaction between Televerde’s demand creation and nurture offerings and the ReachForce’s Marketing Data Cloud platform.

ReachForce is a proven provider of full lifecycle contact data management services that ensures your customer and prospect data is always sales and marketing ready. From cleansing and enriching existing records, to growing the database with highly targeted and validated net-new prospects, ReachForce’s extensive range of offerings is the key to successful B2B marketing and sales execution. ReachForce is able to ensure the ongoing quality and completeness of customers’ data, resulting in shorter sales cycles and ultimately increased sales revenues. With over 300 customers, ReachForce is partnered with top CRM, Marketing Automation, and Demand Generation Services vendors. More information can be found at

Televerde is a B2B outsourced demand creation agency that helps high-tech companies to identify new customers, accelerate sales opportunities, and discover fresh, actionable market insight. We use an integrated “3D” dialogue-based, digital-based and data-based approach to achieve improved performance of sales pipelines, increased top-line revenue growth, and measurable return on marketing spend. Unlike other outsourced providers and even some internal demand creation teams, we offer a disciplined approach to optimizing demand creation that meets the need for comprehensive management of the lifecycle of sales opportunities and, ultimately, a higher volume of better qualified leads delivered faster. Learn more at or call +1 888-787-2829.


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